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SQL Server Tutorial

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ELINQ allows you to use C# (or your .NET language of choice) to write strongly typed queries. It is capable to represent any practical SQL DML.

To demonstrate ELINQ capabilities we took examples from a popular SQL Server Tutorial and implemented all of them in C# and ELINQ in a strongly typed way. Our goal is to show "pixel-perfect" SQL translation, EF integration, type safety and ease of use (we take the example as is, without trying to improve SQL).

This site is built with a wonderful Try .NET technology. All the examples are interactive, intellisense enabled and runnable with changes you may make. Enjoy!

All the examples are executed against a real database, created according to provided instructions. The DbContext is scaffolded with EF tooling in a separate project hosted on GitHub.

All queries are executed in a transaction, which is rolled back at the end. Therefore no changes are persisted and each query can be executed multiple times producing same results. In addition we installed a console logger to inspect the executed SQL.