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ELINQ is a Language Integrated Query (LINQ) technology for relational (SQL) databases and EF Core. It allows you to use C# (or your .NET language of choice) to write strongly typed SQL queries.

Don't we have LINQ for EF already?

ELINQ enhances LINQ with new capabilities:

With ELINQ SQL becomes just "another" class library exposing its API locally, literally "Language Integrated SQL".


We took popular SQL tutorials and implemented all examples from them using ELINQ. We want to emphasize that any practical DML SQL can be expressed with ELINQ with no compromises.

This site is built with a wonderful Try .NET technology. All the examples are interactive, intellisense enabled and runnable with changes you may make. Enjoy!

EF Core Integration

By integrating with EF, ELINQ maps EF entities to SQL table and column names.

SQL Support

ELINQ fully supports the modern SQL DML standard. In addition to conventional relational SQL (SQL-92), ELINQ supports SQL-99 Common Table Expressions (WITH clause), SQL-2003 Window Functions (OVER clause), SQL-2003 MERGE (UPSERT clause), Dynamic Queries and many, many more.

Where can I get ELINQ?